Sandals Entertainment

Sandals Entertainment

Project: Sandals Phase 2

Client: Sandals Resorts International (Anguilla) Ltd.

Territory: Dover Woods, Christ Church, Barbados

Value: US: $1,650,000.00

Date: February 2016

Services Provided: Continuous Flight Augered
Piling/Pile Dynamic Analysis(PDA)Testing/Pile Integrity(PIT)Testing

Scope of work:

Marenco Ltd. was awarded the contract to install an auger cast pile foundation on the reputation of successful completion of similar piling projects in Barbados and due to the growing confidence by the local engineering fraternity in the performance of cast-in-place auger piles, also called CFA pile (continuous flight angered pile).

The project required the installation of over 450- 400mm diameter augered cast-in-place piles spread about a 14-acre area neighbouring the newly built and operational Sandals Resort at Dover, Christ Church. The construction product also required that an intense quality control program, this included PDA & PIT testing be performed to indicate likely load bearing performance and to verify product integrity.

Project Details:

  • approximately 6.25 km of CFA piles installed each ranging in length from (10-15+) m
  • 455 CFA piles installed
  • 25 PDA load tests & 129 PIT tests performed
  • Over 1070 cu.m of grout poured

Sandals Phase 2

Value to client:

All work was completed on time, under budget, to the clients’ satisfaction and while achieving an exceptional safety record of zero incidents.

Significant value was added to the project due to the method of installation as a result of the arsenal of equipment that Marenco group possess. Quick installation rates, all raw materials readily available locally and relatively quiet and vibration free installation process in CFA piling (perfect for a neighbouring & occupied structure).

Also, the capability to perform the quality control data collection for the testing program using a local unit. Results of the performance of the individually tested piles became more readily available at short notice having had the piles tested and data collected over a longer and more regular time period.