At Marenco Marine our team has worked with the Caribbean's diverse geology for over thirty years. Through our parent company, Marenco Ltd, we have access to a wide range of heavy equipment, primarily barges, cranes and other offshore essentials.

Additionally, we've formed strong relationships with partners who provide us with the pieces that we may need, especially in territories where it may prove inefficient to ship our own equipment in.

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Floating Platforms Icon

Marine Vessels/ Floating Platforms

  • Barge Sandman
  • Barge Kathryn
  • Dredging Pontoon
  • Sectional Barges

Pile Testing Icon

Pile Testing Equipment

  • Pile Dynamic Analyser
  • Pile Integrity Tester
Diving Icon


  • Dive Station- High pressure & Low pressure Compressors
  • Lift bags (12,000 lbs -1000lbs)
  • Underwater water cutting & Welding equipment
  • Underwater video & communication systems
Deep Foundation Icon

Deep Foundation

  • Crawler Cranes (50 ton -250 ton)
  • Excavators
  • Dredging Pontoon
  • Diesel Hammers
  • Auger Drills
  • Vibro Floccutalors