Project: Berth 5 Expansion Project

Client: Barbados Port Inc.

Territory: Bridgetown, Barbados

Value: US: $3,500,000.00

Date: December 2015

Technology / Services: Driven Concrete Piles / Sheet Piles / PDA Load Testing / Dredging / Land Reclamation / Pier Construction / Diving

Scope of work:

Marenco Ltd. was approached by the representatives of Berth 5 Projects Ltd. in 2013 to undertake the project management and construction of the new planned extension to the existing Berth 5.

In direct response to this project and a growing need for this type of expertise, Marenco Marine Ltd. was established.

The berthing area needed to be functional by November 2015 in order for the Port to simultaneously accommodate two of the largest cruise ships in their class, Mein Schiff 3 and MV Britannia, on their maiden voyage to Barbados.

The project required the reclamation of an area with a footprint of approximately 0.6 hectares, in water depths of up to 12m, along with the construction of a berthing facility to carry existing and new container cranes of total 3500 sq.m (including asphalt surface) in an active port within an 8 month construction period.

Project Details:

  • 70m long by 25m wide berth, with bollards, fendering, crane rail, access ladders
  • 311 - 500mm sq. PSC, piles avg. 17 ton, using a 250 ton crane and APE D30-42
  • 16 PDA tests
  • Dredged and repurposed over 20,000 cu.m. of sand, fill and boulders over a 0.6 hectare area
  • Over 180 linear meters of temporary and permanent sheet piles
  • Over 820 cu.m of concrete poured and approximately 1050 tons of precast concrete units placed

Berth Five Project Gallery

Project Outcome/Value:

This project represented the first of this magnitude undertaken by a 100% local (Barbadian) cast of contractors. Even with the challenging time schedule, the team was able to complete the project on schedule and within budget.