Project: Apsara Samudra Restaurant - Christ Church, Barbados

Client: Josef's Restaurant Ltd. / Prospective Property Inc.

Territory: Christ Church, Barbados

Value: US: $85,000.00

Date: November 2014

Technology / Services: Diving / Specialised Marine Work

Scope of Work:

Marenco Marine Ltd. was awarded its maiden contract to complete the reinstatement of a cave and partial reinstatement of a cliff undercut through a recommendation from a local contractor that initially attempted the project.

The project was completed whilst overcoming constraints relating to site access, tidal variation, a nearby offshore reef along with a restaurant that remained operational during the later phase of construction.

The project was separated into two phases, first phase required completely filling the void that existed under the existing built structure and the final phase to stabilise and fill the undercut cliff below the main party deck.

Project Details:

  • Diving & extraction of sand and rock in tight and confined spaces
  • Over 60 m3 of concrete, sand and limestone rock were used to complete the project
  • Gabion baskets were utilised to reduce the impact of the oncoming swells; retain construction material
  • Labour intense with limited equipment access

Apsara Samudra Project Gallery

Project Outcome / Value:

Based on our group experience, we were able to use our expertise to complete an otherwise unattractive and difficult project in less time than projected and under budget.

This was done without any disturbance to the daily operations of the establishment and to the environment and without a single injury.